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"Always eh" Targeted Vowel Practice

Through focused vowel practice, a fun game of tic-tac-toe, and an entertaining coloring path maze, students will establish a connection between the visual appearances of the "eh"-sounding vowels: segol, chataf segol, and tsere.


The visual commonalities emphasized among these three "always eh" vowels include: 1. They all have more than 1 dot. 2. There are no other symbols besides dots. 3. They all make the "eh" sound.

The word "Always" is emphasized in this unit because it does not include the sheva value, which only makes an eh sound when it is under the first letter of a word.


While the worksheets do not mention the vowels by their grammatical names, I've included a link to download a free vowel chart if that is your preference.


Upgrade to the Targeted Reading Practice Bundle.

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"Always eh" Targeted Vowel Practice

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