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Teaching Tefillah can be challenging, especially when students are expected to decode prayer words in a language they may not understand. This comprehensive collection of game-based lessons and activities is designed to improve your students' Hebrew decoding skills and prayer-word fluency while saving you valuable time and effort.


Students will have a blast practicing their Hebrew literacy skills and comprehension with prayer words through no-prep games, such as V'ahavta 4 in a Row, Kedushah Dots & Boxes, Mi Chamocha Tic Tac Toe, and Barchu BINGO, and more!



1. Tefillah Handouts read more

2. Synagogue Scavenger Hunt read more

3. Mi Chamocha, Tzur Yisrael Activity, Yotzer Or Activity Pack read more

4. V'ahavta 4 in a Row read more

5. Avot v'Imahot 4 in a Row read more

6. G'vurot 4 in a Row read more

7. Tefillah App Sort read more

8. Shabbat Vocabulary Builder read more

9. Tefillah BINGO read more  

10. Dots & Boxes: Kedushash Edition read more

11. What Does it Even Mean? read more

12. Roll & Read: Tefillah Edition read more

Bonus: Mini Booklet of Brachot read more


Tefillah Activity Pack

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